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Well, bad news.

We finally got final confirmation back from Apple stating that they will not approve any products that use the 30-pin female connector with bluetooth.  We had hoped, since they have transitioned to the new lightening connector, that they would relinquish this, but they did not.

Sorry for this bad news, but, that officially kills this product for us.  We have the ability to make this outside the system, but it would mean risking your money to do so, and we did not want to take that risk.  Apple has the ability, at any time, to stop any of the companies producing this product without their approval.  And for us, that was too big of a risk to take.

Well, with bad news, there is usually good news, and the good news is we are not done.  We received so much positive feedback about our design and quality, that we have decided to keep the train moving.  We are in the process of making another product right now and should have more details in 3-4 weeks.  We will let everyone know when that occurs, so, stay tuned!



So, we have a couple of MFi approved suppliers in the mix and quoting our new Pe@r product now.  There is still some challenge with getting the female 30-pin adapter integrated into our product, approved by Apple, which we should have resolved within the next 2-3 weeks.  Once that approval (I know, MORE APPROVALS!) is in place by Apple, we are good to go.

We are excited, and constantly moving on this.  We will send another update out shortly!

Thanks for the continued emails and support!



Hello again,

Many of you have requested more frequent updates, so, we heard you and just wanted to drop everyone a line.  We haven’t stopped working on the project, in fact, our MFi approval just came through on Wednesday(10/24/12) of this week.

With that said, there are still some things that we have to do to make sure our product isn’t infringing on any patents, in particular, Apple’s 30 pin connector.  In order to make our product legit we need to get a MFi approved manufacturer to produce it.  With that being said we didn’t want to kick off the pre-orders until we have another prototype from the new manufacturer.  (We aren’t into taking people’s money on something we can’t deliver on).

Moving forward we will try to post regular updates on the site to help keep everyone in the loop with our progress.  We wanted to avoid bombarding everyone with constant emails unless there were big updates.  We will add an RSS feed to site so if you are one the people who wants up to the minute info you can have it come directly to your email. Subscribe at:

On another note, MANY of you have wondered where your money went from the original Kickstarter project.  Well, your card was never charged, so, no money was ever transferred.  If you believe otherwise, please confirm with your credit card company and then follow up with me and I will put you in touch with Kickstarter to resolve this issue for you.

Thanks for the continued support,


10/4/12 – Ok, here’s the latest everyone.  After much deliberation and research, we will be moving forward without Kickstarter.  We are still the same team that you have come to love as Pe@r, but we will now be residing on a new website.  Essentially, we are a project based company that will run with great ideas.

As most of you know, our first idea has hit a bit of a snag, but we have worked through all the details and will be launching the product on our website – in a “pre-order” status (no different than Kickstarter).  We will have 1 product with ALL the features (Pitch Black or White Out White).  We have listened to you, our supporters, and this 1 product will have the following features:


  • Bitchin’ look (Design is one of our 2 main principles at Bigger Picture Thinking) very similar to the Pe@r look, but with a different logo (still having a backlit logo)
  • MFi Apple certified components (Quality is the other pillar supporting our mission statement) We want you to know, that this device will last as long as your speakers will.
  • Modified pin configuration to support both old school 12V – firewire powered docks and newer 5.5V powered docks (NO other device on the market does this)
  • A 3.5mm output female jack
  • 4.0 Bluetooth – for better connectivity
  • Apt-X – for better quality sound
  • AVRCP – for two way communication
  • And did we mention a bitchin’ look that will match your current Hi-Fi equipment?

For you, our faithful supporters, we will be selling at a pre-order rate of $30.  Once we meet our funding goal of $40,000 (which should be in a few days of release) we will be moving the price to $34 for 7 days.  At which time, it moves to the market price of $40 + shipping and handling, and it stays there for good.

By getting in early, not only gets you a great price on a great product, with all the features you asked for, but it also gets you free shipping (for domestic orders only, international is still $15 extra).  You also get to be part of the development process giving you exclusive rights to help create the name for the product, as well as the logo.  Which we will vote on within 7 days of re-launching our product to you!  As well as having exclusive future rights to new products from us.

We are waiting for one last piece, the MFi final approval from Apple, which should be very soon.  At that point, we go live!  We will send you a note, once we do.

Thanks for all the continued support, now it’s our turn to support you back!

As a side note, we have received MANY emails about people requesting their Kickstarter money back so they can support us here.  However, there was NO MONEY ever charged to your card.  So, please check.  If you do see a charge, let us know, and we will follow up with Kickstarter.  But, rest assured, your funds are safe with you.

Please email us ( your contact information if you would like us to contact you when we get back up and running. Or leave a comment below… we review them all!





P.S. Thanks for all your support thus far.

62 Responses to “Latest on Pe@r”

  1. Andy Says:

    I’d be interested in finding out what happens to this, I’m very interested in exploring the potential distribution opportunity…

  2. Tristan Horn Says:

    That sucks! I was a backer on Kickstarter… seems quite heavy-handed to simply delete your project.

    In response to yesterday’s question, I am not at all interested in a 3.5mm jack. I intend to use Pear in the car with a $20 CableJive USB Line Out Dock Cable which gives me the 3.5mm output I need.


  3. Media Pear Says:

    Yeah, sure does stink! But, I am sure Kickstarter did what was best for their business. But, we will be back!


  4. Nathan Locke Says:

    I’d like to be updated when you guys get back on track. Hopefully this doesn’t push the production schedule back too far!

  5. Media Pear Says:

    Yeah, bummer! I wish the company just picked up the phone and called us. We could have used your help to change – at this point of the game, it’s all dynamic! Your name is in the hat (I like it too!). Thanks for the support!


  6. Han Dang Says:


    I sure hope this does not slow the final product from getting to us. Looking forward to you guys coming back. Thanks.

  7. Media Pear Says:

    It’s going to put us behind a bit, but, we you can’t stop a good thing! Thanks for the support!


  8. Jon Says:

    Noooooo. So bummed. Recent backer, please keep me posted.

  9. Media Pear Says:

    were bummed too… but, we are in the process of making lemonade out of lemons… we will keep you posted!


  10. Media Pear Says:

    Andy, thanks for contacting us. We will be back. Please contact me directly at Brendan at so I can add you into our distributor database.


  11. Media Pear Says:

    I agree! We will let you know as soon as we can!


  12. Zeagle Says:

    I think deleting your page without sending out a message to your supporters first was not apt and likely to cause you friction and issues gathering supporters when you relaunch. But I would like to know if you relaunch your project.

  13. Media Pear Says:

    Thanks Zeagle, we have your email and will notify when we launch again…

  14. Aaron Says:

    Damn! Was about to recommend some friends to kick start this project but could not find it anymore on KS.

  15. Media Pear Says:

    Thanks for the support Aaron. Please let your friends know we will be back! We will notify you when we return!

  16. Frank Kelly Says:

    Brendan In ordertogivesuggestions weneedto understand exactly what is the infringing trademark and what company or trademark owner is claiming the infringement. I have death with these issues when I handled Trade Compliance issues in the textile apparel and accessories industry. We need to understand what word or words can not bemused. Am I correct in thinking that the phrase “pair with pear”can not be used. Or is it a logo that an not be used. Please a little more information would help us help you. Can you send me a copy of the letter that was received by you and Kickstarter?

    Frank Kelly

  17. Media Pear Says:


    Thanks for working with us on this. We will not be posting the C&D, but it’s safe to say that we can not have the word “pear” associated with computer hardware that relates to music. We are very open to other ideas outside the world of Pear too.



  18. Media Pear Says:


    We loved the line Pair with Pear too! I love your ideas, keep them coming!


  19. Mark Says:

    As a backer, I’m glad I found this site. Does seem a bit annoying that Kickstarter would just delete a project without any explanation of why, what would be happening next, or where to go for more info.

    I assume you’ll be resubmitting, I just hope it doesn’t damage the credibility of the project. Might I suggest a shorter Kickstart this time? 30 days should be more than enough.

  20. Media Pear Says:


    We agree with the shorter timeline. Our biggest concern is getting in touch with everyone that we already spoke with.

    Thanks for the support! we will contact you when we launch again!


  21. George Says:

    That’s unfortunate! Please let me know if/when you’re back.

  22. Media Pear Says:

    You got it George! Thanks!

  23. Media Pear Says:

    Thanks Kris,

    Love the names and ideas! Please, keep them coming! We have you on our database and will be back in contact when we relaunch!


  24. eric Says:

    wow, i had a heart attack when i notice that the project was not on kickstarter anymore… they should at least let backers know… duh! Anyway, i am one of those guys who are hoping to review the product for distribution as well. Do keep me in the loop on how things turned out.

    BTW, IMO it might be a blessing in disguise. I am sure you can come out with a better name than pear… LOL

    I had some interesting names in mind, just shoot me an email if you wish to hear about them!


  25. Media Pear Says:


    We agree about the blessing in disgise. We already have some new concepts and want to integrate our backers thoughts into the design. We realize this is as much your project as it is ours! I would love to hear the names you have thought of!


  26. Greg Says:

    Just wanting to get on the info list. Was very surprised to find the project being 1984d off of KS.

  27. Media Pear Says:

    Greg, Us too! we were a bit miffed that they couldn’t just contact us and keep the lawyers out of the mix.

    But, we are using this time to make the project better than before!

    Thanks for the support!


  28. K Says:

    I echo the sentiments of others in that I wish there had been some notice or email before things went *poof* . Thankfully your still google-searchable! Please add me to the list of folks that would like to once again back this project when you relaunch.

    K Faro

  29. Media Pear Says:


    I’m glad you found us! We will notify you when we re-launch shortly!
    Thanks for the support!


  30. Erostiff Says:

    Sad to hear about the cancellation of the kickstarter project this way, but if we need a new name and still make the same device there’s a lot of fruit!

    What happens to the pledge in the meantime? Is the transaction cancelled as well? If there is a new project, will the (new) pledge be automatic or manual?

  31. Media Pear Says:


    In regards to your comment, if the current project never “funds” then your card will never be charged. So, rest assured that no money will transact unless we are able to complete our project.

    Hope this helps and thanks for the support!


  32. Eric Says:

    What about those of us that were early backers at the cheaper pledge level? Will we be able to get back in at the same amount?


  33. Media Pear Says:


    Regarding your limited price level question, I am not sure. It depends what Kickstarter decides to do. If they give us access to our project again, then yes.


  34. michael Says:

    Simple question that if it has been directly addressed, I missed it. Will my previous sponsor level be maintained when you re-brand and restart? As an early backer, i hope that it will be maintained.

  35. Media Pear Says:


    Regarding your limited price level question, I am not sure. It depends what Kickstarter decides to do. If they give us access to our project again, then yes.


  36. KR Says:

    So sad to see this deleted. I looked forward to the Pear as a gift for my daughter–especially with being one of the first early adopters! Guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

  37. Media Pear Says:


    We have you listed and will let you know as soon as possible!

    Thanks for the support!


  38. Jeff Says:

    Still looking to back this project! Please keep me informed.

  39. Don S Says:

    On list for future… great potential here!!!

  40. John Says:

    Please notify me when Pair with Pear returns to Kickstarter. I was a backer and love the idea.

  41. Pam T. Says:

    These things happen. Please keep me informed on Pear’s progress.

  42. Greg Lesick Says:

    Keep me posted because I’m in whatever you call it and whenever it arrives. I’ll be a lot less likely to use Kickstart er for anything after their inconsiderate treatment of you.


  43. welsh Says:

    I would of liked there had been some kind notice or email that specify what happen.

  44. Garrett Jeanes Says:

    I have to thank Engadget for informing me about this sadness. I definitely would like to know when Pear is back for funding!

  45. Scott Says:

    Hope y’all get things ironed out. Does this change the timeline?

  46. Jacco Says:

    Last night I was wondering such a product as Pear would exists and today I read it was a kickstarter project. Awesome, I like to get one.
    So please let me know!

  47. Brendan DeBeasi Says:

    Please let me know when this product comes back. I love the idea of it and would love to get it for my car!

  48. Ciarán Says:

    Just registering my email for further updates. Disappointed to hear the news.

  49. Jason Says:

    Add me to your list too. Hadn’t seen you on Kickstarter, but had seen this via Engadget. Also, will you be shipping internationally?

  50. Jon Y Says:

    cool, look forward to seeing this project get back up & running. please don’t be shy with the updates guys.

  51. Diederik Says:

    I agree with Mark (5 Aug).
    This is a shame, escpecially since I Carly does still use the pear and apparently has not been bothered with this kind of rubish.
    If not pear, why not apricot (or is this still owned by apple?)?

    Hope you can forward soon!

  52. Kim Says:

    Please let me know when available again! Thx!

  53. Matt Brouwer Says:

    So bummed. I just sent some money the other day and was looking forward to the finished product. Hope you return soon and it doesn’t set your schedule back too far.

  54. Joshua Says:

    I’d like to know when things get back up. I was a pretty early backer and am pretty bummed about the news. Keep up the good work!

  55. Paul Says:

    I am / was a backer; can we get more details? Do you have the info on all the backers?

  56. Media Pear Says:

    We will blog occasionally, and we have your email. We will send a message when we are up and going again!


  57. Gian Says:

    Please let me know when you are up an running. Love the idea.

  58. Ken Serrien Says:

    Hi all,

    I asked Kickstarter why they did not inform me (and all others backers) that they deleted the project.
    The answer? “Thanks for reaching out and for using Kickstarter. It’s our policy not to comment on project cancellations. Our apologies for any inconvenience.” I guess it ends there..
    Anyhow, keep up the good work! I can’t wait for you guys to return to Kickstarter!

  59. Media Pear Says:


    All I can think is that Kickstarter is doing what is best for them and their projects/backers. I am sure there is a history behind the comment that we don’t understand. But, we will contact you directly when we are back up and running!

    Thanks for the support!


  60. kishorat Says:

    I hope you will be back with 3.5mm female jack very soon!

  61. Chris Says:

    Umm…WOW y’all just disaPEARed… That was sad, but glad I found you here.

    I’d love to stay informed!

    As for the name change – as you mentioned above, you’re making lemon aid … Maybe you rename it Lemon “pair with lemon” … It’s maybe too tongue in cheek & would potentially take too much to explain, but I AM glad you are making lemon aid rather than tossing in the towel!

  62. Media Pear Says:


    You are funny… or should I say punny…

    Thanks for the support!